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With the Internet we have access to heaps of information about all kinds of topics, but the downside is that our searches are also targets for subtle propaganda. The intention is always to influence our thoughts and our behaviour, and the message is always 'sugar coated'.

Essential Thought Expansion

When our thoughts are focused entirely on the material experience that we call life we are a bit defenceless against some of these sophisticated players, partly because we can't see much beyond that little patch of focused personal experience, and partly because the influencers have financial backing and they are well organised.

With a little thought, however, we can see that there's no lasting benefit in all that material stuff, like chasing money, buying stuff on impulse, being addicted to FB, and generally feeding our egos with trivia.

Alaje's Love and Light Thoughts

On this site I try to show a different approach to living. It's mature and more healthy than some ideas you may hear from others. I myself want to develop a wider vision of life, a perspective that focuses more on giving love and respect to others, and to the planet. If that sentiments strikes a resonance with you then you may like to keep reading to the end of this page.

Sorry, but no Comments

If you are looking for a place to leave comments the one I had is gone. Sadly many visitors abused the freedom of the comments facility I had, which is unfortunate for those who may have interesting and constructive thoughts to share.

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Just a Visitor

The Earth we live on is a shared facility, rather like a roundish blue sphere hanging in space when seen from a distance. Perhaps think of it as a beautiful blue space craft in which people live, learn, and grow until it's time for them to leave.

There's nothing on that space craft that's worth fighting over and claiming bits as 'mine' or 'yours', because you, I, and all the world's armies, are simply travellers who at some point arrive at a personal destination at which they leave. We just happen to be travelling in the same craft for a while.

As we travel we have the opportunity to become conscious of the fact that it's an amazing craft that we are in. We probably also notice that some of our co-travellers are a little difficult. They seem noisy and have rather restricted respect for the other passengers, or even the craft that's carrying them silently through space-time so effortlessly.

We Make Choices as We Travel

Whilst we are travelling we have a bit of spare time, so why not take a few minutes to think a little more deeply about those around us, and about our own thoughts, and especially about the affect of our behaviour on our co-travellers.

We may like to consider whether we are happy and respectful to others, or whether our ego is making us one of those grumpy inconsiderate companions that the rest of the human family has to tolerate as we all travel through space-time in this amazing blue craft.

Thanks for visiting.

PS. You may like this short Ami music-video clip. The words are from the book, Ami, Child of the Stars.

Ami "Child of the Stars" Music Clip

James image  James

PPS. Next time you look up at the blue sky remember that you're in a blue space craft ... and travelling in space-time.

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