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Three Common Misconceptions

1 The material realm is all there is ... therefore I accumulate material things

2 My genes control my life ... therefore I am the victim of a genetic programme

3 Life is a Darwinian struggle ... therefore competition and winning is important

These misconceptions are passed to us during early childhood and our formal education. In this manner the misperceptions become a social paradigm passed from generation to generation until something happens that causes those beliefs to be reconsidered

Bruce Lipton: 3 Misconceptions

Collective behaviour such as materialism, competition, and even depression are the result of thoughts, collective thoughts that are shared in communities. There are many people who as a collective group behave as if physical matter is the only thing of value in the universe, but quantum physics is showing us that what we think is physical matter is actually the result of interacting energy fields

Influence of Mind

New quantum physics helps us to think of ourselves as a body/mind/spirit energy complex rather than just an organised bunch of particles. We each have an aura of energy around us rather like the inductive energy field around a copper wire carrying a current. Thinking of the human body as an energy field is a major paradigm shift that may take years to flow through to everyone

Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton says that it's our misperception of matter that made us think the way we do but we don't have to be victims of these misperceptions, we can be the masters of our thoughts. A key aspect of this paradigm is the realization that our thoughts influence behaviour and also project energy to others that influences their thoughts, and indirectly their behaviour

Harmonious Balance

Once we realise that we are bodies of energy we can see how we may project some of that energy to others. To create a better healthier world we need to focus more on projecting love and respect energy rather than projecting the negative energy of blame, egoism, and distrust

It's us ordinary people who need to take the initiative and restructure ourselves with thoughts of cooperation and respect. Then we may see the collective consciousness meld into a harmonious field of love, respect, and consideration

Our world would be such a happier place if we all spontaneously think in terms of cooperation and love, rather than bickering about money and me first thoughts [1]

Alaje: Power of Thought

Alaje says that having spontaneous thoughts of peace, respect, and love creates the energy that can make our planet a place free from war, egoism, and undesirable competition. It's going to be helpful if we understand the 3 misperceptions that Bruce Lipton discusses, and then learn how to apply our new understanding

positive energy of love

James empowerment James


[1] The universal message of all religion; ..."Put on compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience to bear with one another. Forgive whenever there is any occasion to do so ..." [Colossians 3:12f]