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Misleading Perceptions

Knowledge of what's beyond our body is restricted by our sense organs but when we think of ourselves as an energy complex rather than particles of matter then new perceptions of reality become realisable

Bruce Lipton Explains ...

Body/mind/spirit energy complex ...

Reality Distortion

Our perception of reality is probably a distortion because our beliefs, opinions, and associated assumptions filter what we perceive. Increasing our awareness of these hidden thought filters and then finding a way to bypass them may help us discover more of the existence that's beyond our 'filters'. Meditation offers a possible path and a solution to this human limitation ...

Alaje's Thoughts ...

An Undesirable Physical Reality

David Icke expresses a bunch of opinions which are a rather extreme in some cases but his main point about people's inability to perceive a reality that's in plain sight does seem to fit with what many of us experience so he may be correct

His idea is that ordinary people who want to simply live a quiet normal life are at the bottem of a semi-visible hierarchical system of influences that reduce their ability to exercise free will. In simple terms, he states that we are largely being controlled in plain sight by a complex of undesirable influences

control influences
A Complex of Undesirable Influence

David Icke's Conspiracy Opinion

The Banking Goldmine

One of David Icke's controlling influences is the banking system. As we go about living our daily life earning an income and looking after a family, or just doing our own thing, we may notice that far from being a simple medium of exchange money has evolved into a powerful form of social control

In many cities where people are disconnected from a means of production they cannot survive without money and shops. There is a strong element of coercion behind the drive for city people to work and earn money

Money as Credit

The next surprise is that much of the money in use today doesn't even exist. It's largely a credit based system that relies on the assumption that tomorrow will be the same as today and that everyone will turn up to work and use money to buy whatever they think they need

The banks, the ones that deal with the public at least, borrow money from people who want to defer some spending until a later date. The understanding is that the lenders can get their money back whenever they need to, but the deposited money, people's savings, is loaned to other people about 20 times over

So if I deposit $500 in a savings bank they will use that as security for lending $10,000 to other people ... and charge them interest on something that doesn't even exist!

It's a nice scheme if you happen to be on the winning side but the downside for people depositing their savings is that the banking system could collapse anytime there is a rush of lenders who want their cash back

So should the banking system concern us? It certainly should. Many middle class people could lose out badly if the system were to collapse

Middle East Tension

Since the 1917 Balfour Agreement and more recently the 1948 formation of the State of Israel, there has been obvious Middle East political polarisation but for many people it is beyond their immediate everyday concern. If the Middle East political stresses cause Gulf shipping disruption, however, then higher transport costs worldwide, and possible hypeinflation in weaker economies would be front-page news and probably everyone would be acutely conscious of the conflict

9/11 Wake Up Failure

The 9/11 event in 2001 should be of extreme concern to everyone but it's another example of a serious issue that seems to have been relegated to sub-conscious experience. A whole generation now exists that has no direct memory of the 2001 World Trade Centre demolition so they are unlikely to be particularly conscious of what happened unless immediate family members were affected

Truth and 9/11 ...

So we have a consciousness problem. Initially we have the beliefs and assumptions that filter our perceptions, and even if we manage to perceive a problem it's likely to be ignored if it's not an immediately concern. For many people it's only when events have an immediate impact on them that they show signs of consciousness and react ... but that may be too late to alter events that are already in process

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