Yuri Bezmenov National Subversion

4-Steps National Subversion

The 4-Steps to National Subversion is the core concept of Yuri Bezmenov's message. It is about the way the KGB works to destroy nations and rebuild them under a Marxist model of political control.

The 4 steps, Demoralisation, Destabilisation, Crisis, Normalisation, are intended to cover the formative period of one generation so it may take 25 years to complete a cycle of subversion.

Yuri Bezmenov National Subversion schematic

How national subversion works

Key people are trained as subverters and then placed into positions of influence. From those positions they encourage the beliefs of social groups that can be used to spread destabilisation ideas and behaviour.

The subverters especially encourage economically marginalised individuals to spread Marxist thoughts deeply into the target population with the intention of destabilising the target's generally accepted beliefs and social behaviour norms.

USA National Subversion Crisis

It appears from current events that the USA has already been destabilised and is now entering what could be a short but messy Stage 3 Crisis. If we assume that Yuri's National Subversion model is applicable in the current USA situation, which it appears to be, then we should not be surprised if the current crisis becomes a tad violent.

Civil War | Invasion

Yuri Bezmenov said that Normalisation is the final outcome from a manipulated political crisis, but two other possibilities may materialise before that occurs. These are civil war or an external invasion. He gave listeners a series of examples from recent history where either civil war or/and invasion have happened before some form of normalisation took place.

It's unlikely that the USA will be physically invaded by military force but invasion can take forms other than bombs and troops.

Possibilities include political infilteration, illegal migration flooding the workforce, destructive cyber attacks, and/or powerful low frequency energy attacks that would destroy people and buildings. Civil war is also a possibility if a sufficient number of citizens have internalised Marxist propaganda.

Whatever the form of the crisis stage resolution there will be an eventual New Normal. We don't know what form that will take as it could be Marxist socialism or a return to the rule of law under the US Constitution.

The idea of political hidden hands and national subversion is fairly obvious in today's politics where numerous people are seemingly 'pulling strings' in secret. They appear in the FBI, the legal system, and of course in the numerous corporate lobby groups that give political donations.

Overall the outcome of the current USA crisis does not look very promising. The Trump-Constitution supporters are facing what appears to be well established Deep State Marxist groups with influential support within the USA government, and in the form of street-level political groups such as Antifa and BLM. It could become a very messy political end-game as the USA moves into the latter half of 2021.

More than One Hidden Hand

There are various groups that discuss national subversion and the concept of a political hidden hand operating in secret. In each case the hidden hand concept involves a non-public elite group that has the ability to manipulate human affairs using political, legal, or/and financial influence.

Traditionally we expect wars to be open for everyone to see in the form of guns and bombs, but what is happening today is a form of asymmetrical warfare conducted worldwide from within nations using subtle political control, cyber attacks, human mass migration, legal systems, the media, and psychological methods to demoralise populations that in general want to be left alone to live in peace.

Asymmetrical Warfare

The concept of secretive, or even overt, political control is not new. It happened on 9/11/2001, and it has most likely happened many times in the more distant past. An early reference to hidden groups operating in a less than transparent manner was unmasked in 1926 when Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich published his The Hidden Hand book.

Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich had a high standing in international politics at the time, and what he says in his book appears relevant to the political complexity of his day, and even to today's political events. From the many references in the book it seems that the 1920's citizen had strong feelings about the Hidden Hand that plundered their savings and exploited them.

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