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Hello. My name is James

I'm a retired tutor who lives in the top part of the New Zealand North island where the climate is relatively warm for much of the year, although we get plenty of frosty nights during winter. My 50 years work experience includes military technical work, teaching, tutoring, and management advisory work in England, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Oman and Thailand


My interests include spirituality, eschatology, and what some people refer to as 'the end times'. There's plenty of Internet opinion about these topics but only a little that is credible and worth reading. The really interesting stuff includes mass mind-control techniques, Chi energy, and a probable inter-dimensional life force that influences our thoughts paradigm. When I have enough reasonably reliable information I will create a new page, or edit the new content into an existing article


I use Google advertising links to help offset my site costs. These links are marked 'Advertisement' so you know that the link is linked to a paying site and that I may receive a small payment from the sponsor if you spend a few minutes browsing the linked site. If a linked site looks interesting and you take a look at the products, or make a purchase, there is no additional cost to you

Redirected Sites

In the past I've used several site addresses, such as which was active for several years, but most of these are now inactive. If you happen to find one that is still functioning you will be automatically redirected to which is the main that I now actively manage

Formal Stuff

I have a Masters (MBStds) for business studies specializing in management, a Bachelors for English Literature (BA), and a Teacher's Diploma