Democracy in Decline

'Destroying trust in democratically elected government'

The neo-conservative Leo Strauss advocated 'noble lies' as an 'ends justifies the means' philosophy whereby national leaders should lie and deceive the people who elected them to office in order to achieve a higher noble objective. We may wonder to what degree 'noble lies' influenced US White House decisions in the year 2001 when a Haliburton Oil executive was the White House vice president.

9/11 - Preplanned Controlled Demolition

There are several important issues that were not addressed in the 9/11 World Trade Centre (WTC) Report. Why, for example, were complex military exercises that impeded the USA military response to the alleged attack not instantly cancelled, and why was Haliburton Oil so deeply involved in reconstruction events that followed the invasion of Iraq?

We know that during the 9/11 incident Richard Cheney was the US Vice President and we also know that he had a significant interest in Haliburton Oil. That alone is interesting, but it's even more interesting to read that Haliburton Oil later won Iraq post war reconstruction contracts worth something like $38 billion. So I'm left questioning whether the 9/11 WTC destruction really was caused by a bunch of semi-literate terrorists or whether it was actually an orchestrated event.

Official 9/11 report fails to provide an adequate explanation

Restricted Terms of Reference?

The WTC destruction involved property damage, and human casualties, but independent opinion from experienced pilots, architects, structural engineers, and eyewitnesses, suggest that the US government's official 9/11 report provides an inadequate explanation of how and why the September 11, 2001 chaos occurred.

We may question whether the 911 report terms of reference were restricted to avoid addressing 'sensitive' issues such as: ...

Slicing Structural Steel

Ben Riesman video
Source: Ben Riesman

Look closely at Ben Riesman's 9/11 video of the WTC towers collapse. Slide to the 15:30 minutes point and watch the next 3 minutes to form your own opinion whether the molten metal pouring from one of the corner steel columns is evidence of military grade nanothermite slicing through a steel column. An ordinary building fire, or an aviation fuel fire, cannot melt steel like that.

In addition the available evidence of the Pentagon attack points strongly to a missile hit rather than an aircraft hit. An amazing coincidence is that the Pentagon damage occurred in an area where renovations were taking place but which apparently held the computers that were holding files related to a multi-trillion dollar 'missing funds' audit.

The WTC building 7 - Successful pre-planned demolition

Wired for Demolition?

There are also witness reports of sounds that are consistent with demolition explosives being used to assist the WTC destruction. Even more obvious is WTC building 7 which appears to be a very successful pre-planned controlled demolition event.

It takes several weeks for an expert team to enter a building and set computer controlled demolition charges, so how was it possible to command "Pull it" on the day if explosives had not been set and the building had not been prepared for demolition?

Political False Flag Events

If 9/11 was the managed event that it appears to have been, then we may need to become more aware of, and resistant to, destructive noble lies that originate behind closed doors in high places. A similar awareness of 'vested interest' psychological counter arguments is also necessary if you decide to take an interest in the 9/11 event and start to question who the planners really were and where their operations centre was located.

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