9/11 Event Reconsidered

This page is about the 9/11 event and the noble lies presented in the media. Busy career focused people may not even notice the dubious nature of events like 9/11 that occur in plain sight

Leo Strauss Philosophical Influence

The neo-conservative Leo Strauss advocated 'noble lies' as an 'ends justifies the means' philosophy whereby national leaders should deceive the people with lies in order to achieve a higher noble objective

It appears that the 9/11 incident is an example of a 'noble objective' to invade Iraq and for Halliburton Oil to control that Middle Eastern oil supply

Commercialisation of Warfare

If we ask who it is that benefits from modern warfare the answer would point us to the arms industry, the suppliers of fuel and lubricants, and the banking sector. So the next question would logically be about who owns or has a commercial interest in these sectors. Extending that path a little farther we could also consider who pays for wars, and who are the losers

Following this line of thought the picture quickly gets ugly. It's the ordinary people who ultimately pay all war bills in the form of tax, destroyed property, human casualties, and environmental damage

Official 9/11 Report Gaps

We have almost certainly been misinformed about 9/11. Independent opinions from experienced pilots, architects, structural engineers, and eyewitnesses all suggest that the US government's official 9/11 Report provides an inadequate explanation of what really happened in New York on 11 September 2001

In the official report nothing is mentioned about ...

Slicing Structural Steel

Look closely at Ben Riesman's 9/11 video of the WTC towers collapse. Slide to the 15:30 minutes point and watch the next 3 minutes to form your own opinion whether the molten metal pouring from one of the corner steel columns is evidence of thermite slicing through a steel column. An ordinary building fire, or an aviation fuel fire, cannot melt steel like that

Some 9/11 Report Doubters

A large amount of evidence supports the opinion that the 9/11 event was a complex coordinated multifaceted event. It was far more than a bunch of Islamic terrorists could have coordinated

Retired Army General



Flight Attendant

9/11 Money Trail

Explosives & Missile

The available evidence about the Pentagon points strongly to a missile hit rather than an aircraft hit, and there are many questions about the Twin Towers that point to demolition explosives being used to assist the destruction. Even more obvious is building 7 which was clearly a pre-planned controlled event. It takes several weeks for an expert team to enter a building and set computer controlled demolition charges, so how was it possible to command "Pull it" on the day if explosives had not been set and the building had not been pre-wired for demolition?


Aside from the US wars of aggression there are plenty of other examples of authoritarianism. For example have you wondered why the Chinese authorities cracked down so viciously on the peaceful Falun Gong meditation movement, or why they are now targeting Chinese Christians and Muslims?

People are becoming more aware of the big picture and the way nations are being manipulated by relatively small groups of people. If 9/11 was a managed event, as it appears to be, then the thought of psychopathic leadership arises. The 9/11 planners appear to have had no feeling of social morality or thoughts for the thousands who were killed or injured

Hidden Control in Plain Sight

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