Message of Love

This page is about Alaje's message and the desirability of discovering the power of love and feelings of gratitude

The message of love is given to every new generation so everyone has an opportunity to accept and experience the energy and healing power of cosmic love. It's the message of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and also the message of benevolent cosmic visitors. Working against this positive energy, and impeding or distorting our ability to discover higher spiritual truth, are various dark energy forces

Higher forms of love includes a deep respect and appreciation for everything in and around us. It has no relationship with trashy TV love. It can only be discovered by people who have begun to displace their selfish energy with the positive force of love. The law of attraction ensures that where there is even a little love more love will be attracted to it. In this way a small positive intention can cause the fruit of love to form in our thoughts and behaviour

Alaje at Ancient Dion

Alaje's Message

Alaje's message is that to experience a connection with consciousness, meaning God, we need to learn how to replace negative energy thoughts with the positive energy of love. We do this by allowing love and thankfulness to develop in us and by living in harmony with the universal consciousness that is available to us beyond the physical

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In addition to Alaje's videos and comments we could also use philosophical help from people like Immanuel Kant who asked, What would the world be like if everyone behaved or thought the way I do? If everyone were to ask that question several times a day we would probably all begin to change our habits and evolve to a higher level of spiritual awareness quite quickly

There Are 120 Billion Humans

In his videos Alaje mentions that there are billions of non-Earth humans in our universe. Many planets are apparently peacefully inhabited with good, and in some cases not-so-good, beings. Many of these entities are bipedal humans like us, but others are quite different and have no need for a chemical body as they exist in the etheric realm where time and material bodies are irrelevant

ET Missionaries

People such as Alaje, and reports of other Extraterrestrial visitors (ET) suggest that people from the Pleiades are humans who have evolved to a higher level of existence than us. They are able to move from their fourth and fifth density experience to our third density level with relative ease. By comparison we are considerably less evolved

Alaje's 16 Cosmic Love Video

These visitors have a deeper understanding of spirituality and love than we have at present. They are also more advanced technologically but as they have chosen to visit us with benevolent intentions they are rather like interdimensional missionaries who offer positive developmental ideas whilst gently nudging us towards greater spiritual awareness

Their main message is about love, and as love cannot be imposed on anyone, they have to teach us how to attract love from others and from the cosmos. The attraction process begins as small intentions in our thoughts that we frequently reinforce with similar thoughts of gratitude and love

As we evolve spiritually we find that we want to displace egoism and selfish behaviour. The new thoughts are like Yang seeds that grow and gradually displace the less desirable Yin. Such intentions form a new personal paradigm, new sets of thoughts, that gradually supersede the inherited materialistic paradigm that many of us acquired during our childhood experience

Life as an Energy Field

Inferred Pleiadian Paradigm

Through Alaje, and Billy Meier who had numerous visitor contacts during the 1970s, we are able to learn a little about some aspects of a Pleiadian culture

1. They will not interrupt a speaker. Interrupting shows egoism and disrespect

2. Humans everywhere have free will. No one should control free choice

3. They respect the natural environment wherever they happen to be

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Alaje the Pleiadian

Alaje at DionAlaje: The ET named Zeus