Message of Love

Alaje's message of love and gratitude for life is similar to the core message of Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus. The fruit of the love that Alaje refers to includes a deep respect and appreciation for everything in and around us. To develop that type of universal love we need to work on displacing any thoughts that are driven by our self-interest-seeking ego.

Extraterrestrial Emissaries

He says that there are thousands of visitors like himself who are now living in different countries on Earth. They all have the intention of assisting our spiritual awareness development during this time of planetary change. He also says that there are billions of humans in the universe that look rather similar to us and the only way to recognise them is by their behaviour, and perhaps by their aura. We use intuition to recognise people in much the same way that we recognise trees, by their shape and the fruit that they produce.

Ego is a Love Problem

Alaje says that his intention is to help us to understand and find the cosmic love that will reduce the self-enhancing energy of our egos. One way to do this is to focus our thoughts on respect for others and on loving thoughts rather than negative or hateful thoughts. In this manner we can gradually change our habitual thinking patterns. The result of this changed thinking will affect us personally, and to a tiny degree it will affect others as we remove belief distortions and align ourselves more closely with natural love/light spiritual energy.

Personally I have litle interest in formal religion but this idea of clean thoughts sounds rather like what the early Christians said about the need for people to repent and return to God. Paul, the Christian leader, instructed the Philippi Christians to fill their minds with whatever is pure and holy, to always cultivate loving thoughts, and to avoid all forms of negativity. [Philippians 4:8]

Alaje at Ancient Dion

The fruit of love can be seen and experienced by others, but it can't be forced on them, so if you or I want to spread this form of higher energy we have to first learn how to attract it to ourselves with loving thoughts and intentions. This love teaching/learning process will gradually replace our self-interest-seeking paradigm with a highly desirable love for others paradigm that will be filled with consideration for the environment, the animal kindom, and for the needs of other people

Alaje's 16 Cosmic Love Video

Alaje has video snippets posted online that he has taken during the educational tours that he organises. The videos allow us to see and experience some of the high energy locations that these groups visit. During every tour the participants are encouraged to meditate, to radiate thoughts of love, and to feel spiritual harmony with each other and the Source

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'... You will know a tree by its fruit' (Matthew 12:33)

Alaje at DionAlaje: The ET named Zeus