Qi Energy is Powerful

You may like to watch this short video. It's not a particularly beneficial use of Qi energy, but it is a nice digression that demonstrates an aspect of the amazing source-energy that is accessible to us by thought.

Qi-Energy Contest.

The contest illustrates the use of energy that is clearly powerful but invisible to human eyes. There are probably different invisible energy fields affecting us which we can't see. An example that we may have experienced is when we walk into a room where they has been a domestic disagreement of some sort. We immediately sense the unhealthy energy in the room.

Learning to Respect Others

The rest of this page is about Alaje who would like us to be more aware of the wonder of human life, and to cultivate feelings of gratitude for our life experience.

Alaje's message of love and gratitude for life is similar to the core message of many spiritual groups. The fruit of the love that he refers to includes a deep respect and appreciation for everything in and around us. A way to do this is to focus our thoughts on respect for others, and on positive rather than negative or hateful thoughts. In this manner anyone is able to gradually change their habitual thinking patterns.

The idea of managing our thoughts sounds rather like what the early Christians said. Paul, the Christian leader, instructed the Philippi Christians to fill their minds with loving thoughts and to avoid negativity. [Philippians 4:8]

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Alaje Visits Greece | Ancient Dion Temples

The fruit of love can be seen and even experienced by others, but it can't be forced on them, so if anyone wants to experience this form of cosmic energy they must learn how to attract it with loving thoughts and intentions. People with those thoughts will show consideration to the environment, to the animal kingdom, and for the needs of other people.

Alaje has several videos from his educational tours that he arranges for small groups. The videos allow us to experience some of the qi energy from those high energy locations. During every tour the group is encouraged to meditate, to radiate thoughts of love, and to feel spiritual harmony with each other and with the Source

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Alaje's Cosmic-Love Opinion