Enrique Barriose's, "Ami, Child of the Stars"

In the 1980's Enrique Barriose is said to have experienced a contact with a 'visitor' who travelled in a saucer shaped craft. Whether that actually happened of not I can't say, but the idea that he was visited may be the seed thought that grew into his, 'We are not alone in the universe' children's stories

In his book "Child of the Stars" the main character is Ami, a cosmic visitor. Ami has several long conversations with his Earth friend in which he says that there is life everywhere in many dimensions in the cosmos. Ami says that some of the cosmos life is rather unpleasant and malevolent, but much of it is loving and benevolent just as Ami is.

Dominance of Ego and Attachment

Enrique explains through the voice of Ami that the thoughts that often direct our physical behaviour are a consequence of our self-interest ego pushing energy into satisfying our own physical needs. When thoughts such as anger, control, domination, or resentment are strong, and our acceptance of technology is high, then there is almost always a low awareness of our Creator-Source.

Ami's Perspective

Ami says that benevolent cosmic people like himself experience a high level of spiritual awareness and although they have all sorts of technology they also live in harmony with the Creator-source energy. Consequently they have no interest in superficial physical beauty, conquest of other lands, or the oppression of other people. Their thoughts always offer loving acceptance of others, happiness, and freedom for everyone.

Ami says that he likes our planet with the moon, the waves lapping at the sea shore, and the bright lights, but he is sad that people on Earth have so much sickness and sadness. To evolve beyond that state Ami says that Earth humans need to learn much more about love and the kind of thoughts that enhance their awareness of the Creator-source.

He says that personal awareness, or consciousness as some call it, can be altered and elevated by holding thoughts of love and beauty. As he prepares to enter his craft to return to his own planet Ami says, 'When your people believe in a world ruled by the energy of Love, then love and harmony will become your reality'

Did Enrique Meet an Alien?

Whether Enrique actually had the opportunity to interact with a person from the stars is not particularly important. What matters is the theme of love in his children's story. It's the message that we're all short-term visitors as guests on Earth. Realising that we are guests living in someone else's garden is what is important.

The Earth is a shared facility in which we learn, make choices, and grow until it's time for us to say 'goodbye', and leave. It's not a garden for us to fight over and claim bits as 'mine'. We are simply visitors who happen to have access to its beauty for a short while.

There's no rational purpose for feeding our egos with trivia, quarrelling with each other, and having wars of aggression. It's far more rational to do as Ami says and focus on giving love and respect to each other, and to the plants and animals.

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