Enrique Barriose's, "Ami, Child of the Stars"

In the 1980's Enrique Barriose is said to have experienced a contact with a 'visitor' who travelled in a saucer shaped craft. That may have been the seed experience that grew into his, 'We are not alone in the universe' children's story theme

In his book "Child of the Stars" the main character is Ami, who says that there is life everywhere in many dimensions. Some of it is unpleasant and malevolent, but much of the cosmic life is loving and benevolent

Dominance of Ego and Attachment

Enrique explains through the voice of Ami how thoughts of domination, anger, or resentment, are the consequence of ego influence and low awareness of our Creator-Source. Benevolent cosmic entities who experience a high level of spiritual awareness live in harmony with that source energy. Consequently they have no interest in superficial beauty or conquest. In contrast they offer loving acceptance and freedom to everyone

Daydream Believer

Ami's Perspective

Ami says that people on Earth still have to learn how to elevate their awareness with thoughts of love and beauty, and as he prepares to return to his own planet he says, 'When your people believe in a world ruled by the energy of Love, then love and harmony will become your reality'

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