Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is more of an observation rather than a law in a scientific sense. An illustration of the law of attraction is the experience we have when we sense social affinity with people who are similar to ourselves. That 'sameness' energy-field allows us to feel comfortable in their company because they have similar likes and interests to ours

The reverse is also true. We may feel uneasy in the company of people who are noticeably different from us. If the difference make us feel threatened then we are likely to project an aversion energy-field ourselves, and also feel a need to move away from them

Aversion Red Flags

When we have an intuitive feeling about another person, or a group, our body projects the effect of our feeling into our aura, and as we are all connected through the auric field the other party will sense the feeling. The other person of group will then mirror a response back to us through their auric field. In this type of aversion interaction the law of attraction functions as an anti-attraction force that manifests as socially cool defensive behaviour

Love Drives Out Fear

Once we realise how the law of attraction works, and if we have plenty of positive energy, then we can maintain feelings of security even when we experience a 'red flag' feeling from others. This allows us to break the feedback loop. Instead of projecting fear and repulsion we'll be able to project positive energy and respect in a way that will allow comfortable interaction with a wide range of people with whom we have no natural affinity

Our positive energy and feelings of respect will be sensed intuitively by others in the same way that negative energy is sensed, but as there is now no sense of threat it will be possible to have feelings of mutual respect and attraction

How to Attract

Attraction is an aspect of the invisible but real auric energy field that can be used to extend our social network. By developing a friendly personality we will automatically attract other people who have similar characteristics to those which we project. Learning to give genuine friendship to others, with no motivation other than being friendly and caring, will attract people who are themselves friendly and caring, even if they seem aggressive

The Takeaway

The spiritual message behind the law of attraction is to be happy, kind, and thankful. This will encourage other people to also be happy, kind and thankful, and we'll experience mutual attraction whenever we happen to meet ... nice!

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