A Picnic Metaphor

Ra, the humble messenger of The Law of One, gave us an interesting free will metaphor. The thrust is that some people love light and others love darkness

The metaphor they used is children at a picnic party. There are many games and attractive options for the children to choose from. Some children enjoy the picnic. The sun is beautiful, the food delicious, and they love the laughter and games. Other children choose to enjoy the night. Their picnic is pain, difficulty, disrespect, and suffering for others. They enjoy a different picnic

The Picnic Meaning

The children are us. Our life offers many diverse experiences from which we choose what we wish to enjoy. It's our Free Will decision that selects which form of experience we enjoy. We choose but may not be aware of the influence that other people have over our thought processes

They Control Your Thoughts

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Free Will Awareness

Our choices today are heavily constrained by local, national, and international law. We fear the fines and other sanctions that we may incur if we breach the law by our supposedly free will decisions. The influence of corporations is also strong. They use lobby groups to influence legislation, and the banking system to 'keep us under control'. We are also influenced by TV media, polls, and social peer pressure. The days of simple spontaneous free will behaviour are rapidly decreasing as we face the 'brave new world' of corporate control

Evolutionary Choices

Free will, uninfluenced by others, allows each person the opportunity to learn, to grow, to intend, to adapt, and to make evolutionary choices. From a spiritual perspective the freedom to make decisions as we travel through life allows us opportunities to grow and develop as independent entities. We choose to know ourselves more clearly by our free will choices

An important aspect of free will is the distinction between choosing to serve our self or choosing to provide help to others. Ra reminds us that it is our Free Will that allows us to express love and understanding freely. If we lose the ability to choose because other people or the corporate media are influencing our choices in a 'service to self' manner then the opportunity to experience and project love to others is reduced

Having time to exercise free will allows us the opportunity to meditate, reflect, and to discover a more universal perspective of life. We need to be able to discover for ourselves the need for companionship, laughter, beauty, and the need to know the universe beyond our earthly experience. A key condition for such learning is freedom, the freedom to think, experience, and to make choices

So What to Do?

The first point is to become aware of the influence that affects our freedom to choose. Then we can take care ourselves to avoid any attempt to manipulate or control the learning and behaviour of other people. We may offer them information but should not attempt to force an opinion onto anyone else

In addition to this basic position we may want to become more aware of the Creator and the intelligent energy expressed in nature, an energy which is also deep within ourselves

Learning and teaching are two aspects of the same process of knowlede accumulation. Both are desirable as we evolve through experiences in this life, but no one can learn for someone else, which is one reason why awareness of manipulators and exploiters needs to be recognized and resisted as an undesirable distortion of our personal growth and spiritual development

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