Gray technology may be helping the military industrial complex.

People Who are not from Earth

This page is about two groups that are probably extraterrestrial. These are the highly intelligent beings that are commonly known as Grays, and the Tall Whites.

The little that we think we know about these people comes to us entirely from anecdotal reports but from that rather unreliable source it seems that Grays are small people who are not native to this planet. They are about 1.3 metres tall, can think quickly and independently, and can communicate with Earth humans by telepathy or through language translation devices.

Gray Rumours Started 1947

Alleged Small Gray Person

There's been talk about Gray visitors since the mid 1940s. Every now and then a little more information about them gets released about them mostly from aging retirees who once worked in the US military industrial complex and who want to pass on what they know about the Grays.

USA Military Deny Grays Exist

The US military deny the existence of Grays, but recently in 2020 they did acknowledge two videos of probable unidentifed flying objects (UFO) that are in circulation on the Internet, as genuine. So maybe we are starting to get the first snippets of official disclosure.

Contrary to the official USA military Grays denial there are reports from people who have worked in the US military industrial complex who say that these small non-Earth people not only exist but have even been working inside secure US military industrial complex sites for past few decades. For example listen to the following video. It's fairly long but it reveals a lot of interesting content with the small Grays being mentioned at about the 37 minutes point.

Grays in US military complex ... at 37:00 min

US Military Industrial Complex Engineering

Since the Roswell incident there have been persistent reports of crashed Gray craft being reverse-engineered. Some suggest that reverse engineering, and cooperative hands-on assistance, is the reason why the US industrial complex has been able to develop high speed computing, night vision systems, fibre optic technology, and anti-gravity devices.

There is an opinion that the Grays working with the USA military industrial complex are Ebans from the planet named Serpo. It should be stressed that this is only an opinion, but for readers interested in learning more about the Ebans and Serpo the Yellow Book: History of the Aliens on Earth authored by Bob Lazar, may be of interest.

Col. Philip J. Corso Interview

Colonel P.J. Corso (deceased) apparently knew about the Roswell Gray bodies being transported in child-size coffins. When you watch him speaking in the video clip linked above you can see that he appears to have wanted full USA military disclosure about the Roswell crash incident.

Grays may be able to influence human thoughts by telepathy

Although a large number of people may accept that non-Earth entities probably exist the verifiable evidence available to us is still weak so until more reliable evidence appears we should probably treat the Gray topic as interesting, but rather remote from our day to day reality.

The Tall Whites

The Tall Whites are allegedly a different group of visitors that we learn about almost entirely from the memories recollected by Charles J Hall.

Charles was an enlisted airman in the US military during the 1960's. He is not under a non-disclosure order and he openly speaks about his weather observer duties at a remote military area that also housed extraterrestrial people. At various times he interacted with some of these people who are apparently from elsewhere in the cosmos.

The Whites are said by Charles to look somewhat similar to us, but they are taller and physically weaker than us in our Earth environment. In their own environment they live considerably longer than we do here on Earth.

The base and craft hangers

Charles says that they appeared to have open access to a specific US military area for rest and recreation stopovers during their journey between cosmic locations. He noticed that there were sometimes US military generals with the visitors and that there were always Tall White military guards somewhere nearby.

Charles believes that some of the Tall Whites travel with their family because he saw males, females, and children at the remote military location whilst carrying out his daily duty as a weather conditions observer.

The Tall Whites he met were able to think and react a lot quicker than us. They are probably benevolent but certainly not native to this planet. In one video Charles mentions that they may have a technology transfer arrangement with the US military, but Charles says that the Tall Whites are businesslike and would probably only make a technology exchange agreement if there's also a business benefit for their own people.

They Like to Have Mushrooms

It was interesting to hear Charles mention in one presentation that some Tall White personnel like to stock up with Earth grown mushrooms before leaving in their photon-energy propelled craft to wherever it is they go in the cosmos. It seems that their children like Earth mushrooms for food.

Tall Whites use photon-energy propelled scout craft.

Photon Energy

On one occasion Charles was able to observe one of the visitor's craft from a relatively short distance during hull repairs. He was able to speak with one of the Tall White technicians and learn that they use photon energy to propel their craft. From that information he was motivated to research current photon theory and write a book about photon energy as a power source.

Charles completed his military service back 1968 and decided to capture some of the feelings he experienced during his 2 years stationed in a remote location at the Navada base. His purpose was to have a written account to pass on to his children and grandchildren, but as he was not under any military non-disclosure agreement, but was a bit short of cash, he decided to write a novel in which he shares his Navada experience!

Can We Trust Charles J Hall

Charles appears sincere and relaxed when presenting information and answering questions about his experience. He's now well into his twilight years but still seems to have the type of disciplined personality that would have allowed him to continue his duties whilst experiencing recurring panic attacks from the unique situation that he was in back in the 1960s.

The behaviour I see from Charles' videos is what I'd expect from someone who is a genuine witness to the events he discusses.

He says that he observed Tall White craft travelling at speeds well beyond the speed of light and says that he's confident that Einstein's E=mc2 formulae is helpful but not sufficient as an energy explanation.

Charles J Hall - Tall Whites Presentation

Physicist More Than Writer

You may want to watch several of his presentation videos if you are interested in learning more about Charle's experience, but be prepared to skip the first 5 minutes as he likes to fully present his academic credentials. Charles uses a university lecturer's meandering style of presentation, but he comes alive when recalling amusing events from the past!

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