Gray technology may be helping the military industrial complex.

Grays & the USA military

This page is focused on small highly intelligent people that are commonly known as Grays. There is nothing officially disclosed about these Gray colour skin people so the little that we think we know comes entirely from anecdotal reports.

From that rather unreliable source we are led to understand that Grays are small highly intelligent humanoid people that are mostly benevolent. They are not native to this planet. They are about 1.3 metres tall, can think quickly and independently, and can communicate with humans normally using telepathy.

Gray Rumours Started 1947

Alleged Small Gray Person

There's been talk about Gray visitors since the mid 1940s. Every now and then a little more information about them gets released about them mostly from aging retirees who once worked in the US military industrial complex and who want to pass on what they know about the Grays.

USA Military Deny Grays Exist

The US military deny the existence of Grays, but recently in 2020 they did acknowledge two videos of probable unidentifed flying objects (UFO) that are in circulation on the Internet, as as genuine. So maybe we are starting to get the first snippets of official disclosure.

Contrary to the USA military Grays denial there are reports from people who have worked in the US military industrial complex who say that these small non-Earth people not only exist but have even been working inside secure US military industrial complex sites for past few decades. For example listen to the following video. It's fairly long but it reveals a lot of interesting content with the small Grays being mentioned at about the 37 minutes point.

Grays in US military complex ... at 37:00 min

US Military Industrial Complex Engineering

Since the Roswell incident there have been persistent reports of crashed Gray craft being reverse-engineered. Some suggest that reverse engineering, and cooperative hands-on assistance, is the reason why the US industrial complex has been able to develop high speed computing, night vision systems, fibre optic technology, and anti-gravity devices.

More Insider Opinion

Col. Philip J. Corso Interview

Colonel P.J. Corso (deceased) apparently knew about the Roswell Gray bodies being transported in child-size coffins. When you watch him speaking in the video clip linked below you can see that he appears to have wanted full USA military disclosure about the Roswell crash incident.

Grays can probably influence human thought using telepathy.

Michael Salla and the Grays

Although there are now a large number of people stating that Grays really exist but the verifiable evidence available to us on the Internet is still weak. Until more reliable evidence appears we should probably treat the Gray EBE topic as interesting but rather remote from our day to day reality. On the other hand Cliff Stone's statement (below) about non-Earth humans possibly living amongst us should be a huge wake-up message!

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Now Hear This: Ex-Military Personnel Statements