The Grays and Tall Whites

This page is focused on two groups that we commonly know as extraterrestrial beings. There is nothing officially disclosed about either the Grays of the Whites. The little that we think we know comes entirely anecdotal reports. In the case of both Grays and Whites we are led to understand that they are highly intelligent, probably benevolent, and not native to this planet.

The Grays are believed to be relatively small humanoid entities, about 1.3 metres tall, that can think independently and communicate with humans, especially by telepathy. The tall Whites, however, have white skin and are said by Charles Hall to look similar to us, but are physically weaker and less robust than us in our Earth environment.

When EBE Rumours Started

There's been talk about Grays and Whites since the mid 1940s. Every now and then a little more alleged information about them gets leaked from aging retirees who once worked in the US military industrial complex and who now pass on what they know about these people.

The US military denies the existence of any such beings, but recently acknowledged videos of probable unidentifed flying objects (UFO). They apparently also use the term EBE for extraterrestral biological entities. Contrary to the USA military EBE denial there are reports from people who have worked in the military industrial complex who say that EBEs exist and have been seen working within secure US military industrial complex sites.

EBEs & US Engineers ... at 37:00 min

Reverse Engineering

Since the Roswell incident there have been persistent reports of crashed EBE craft being reverse-engineered. Some suggest that reverse engineering, and cooperative hands-on EBE assistance, is the reason why the US industrial complex has been able to develop high speed computing, night vision systems, fibre optic technology, and anti-gravity devices.

Insider Opinion

Colonel P.J. Corso (deceased) apparently knew a little about the Roswell Grays being transported in child-size coffins and wrote about it in his book The Day After Roswell. When you watch him speaking in the video clip linked below you can see that he appears to have wanted full USA military disclosure about the Roswell crash incident.

Col. Philip J. Corso Interview

Gray Agenda

A reported security concern that Gray EBEs are very smart and can probably influence, or even control, human thoughts using telepathy or some form of thought transference.

Michael Salla and the Grays

EBE Evidence is Weak

Although there are a number of people stating that EBEs really exist the verifiable evidence is weak so until more reliable evidence appears we should probably treat the Gray EBE topic as science-fiction. Interesting stuff but not enough to affect our day to day beliefs about reality.

Charles Hall - Tall Whites

Charles Hall was an enlisted airman in the US military where he was trained as a weather observer. He reports his unusual experience with EBEs when he was working at a remote military base where he says he interacted with people who look similar to us but are from elsewhere. He calls them Tall Whites because of their appearance.

Charles completed his military service and seems to have realised that his experience was unusual and could be a source of income. He decided to cash-in on his Tall Whites experience by writing a series of novels about his Tall White experience.

About himself Charles says that he is a religious Roman Catholic. He seems rather keen to promote his Tall White novels, almost certainly for the royalty payments rather than from a desire to disseminate truth, but he appears sincere and relaxed when presenting information and answering questions about his experience so he may be genuine.

The behaviour I see from Charles is what I'd expect from someone like him. He appears to be a credible speaker, but everything he says about the Tall Whites is recalled from memory and anecdotal, so whether it is true or not I can't say. The following link is to a video that may help you decide the veracity of his statements for yourself. There are also several other videos on the Internet about Charles Hall and the alleged Tall Whites.

Charles J Hall - Tall Whites Presentation

James EBE Gray  James

Alleged Small Gray Image