Gray Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

This page is focused on what we commonly know as The Grays which are relatively small humanoid entities that can think independently and communicate with humans by telepathy

There's been talk about small Gray beings since the 1940s. Every now and then a little information about them gets leaked from aging retirees who once worked in the US military industrial complex and now want to pass on what they know about the Grays

The US military denies the existence of the Grays but they use the EBE acronym (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) for Grays and other similar extraterrestrial (ET) beings. Contrary to the official denial story there are reports from people who are in a position to know that EBEs not only exist but that a number of them are working with US military industrial complex on a regular basis

EBEs & US Engineers ... at 37:00 min

Reverse Engineering

Interest in the Grays began when two non-Earth airborne vehicles (UFOs) crashed near the town of Roswell in New Mexico in 1947. Since the Roswell incident there have been persistent reports of crashed and/or downed ET craft being reverse-engineered, which has helped the US industrial complex to develop high speed computing, night vision systems, fiber optic technology, and even anti-gravity machines

We may wonder to what degree today's drive to make military and industrial humanoid robots is being driven by technical knowledge derived directly and indirectly from the EBEs and their travel devices. Information from US military industrial complex whistle-blowers suggests that our rapid advance in technology development since the 1950s can largely be traced back to EBE technology

Gray EBE Humanoids

The Grays are not all the same. There are different types so we can't assume that they all have the same agenda. We know from reports that they are very intelligent and behave as if benevolent, but we can't be certain about that as different ET groups have their own versions of Gray. Whether they are friendly or not depends on the intention of the beings who are controlling them

Some are about the size of a normal human body but the more common Small Gray is about 1.5 metres high, with a relatively large head, noticeably large black eyes, which may be detachable eye shields, and a small nose and mouth

Insider Opinion

Colonel P.J. Corso (deceased) knew about the Roswell small Grays being transported in child-size coffins and wrote about it in his book The Day After Roswell. When you watch him speaking in the video clip linked below you can see that he is genuine about having full disclosure about the Roswell Grays being made public

Col. Philip J. Corso - Personal Interview

Gray Agenda

It's possible that smaller Grays are managed by the taller Grays in a hierarchical manner. The larger Grays apparently refer to their body as a 'container' suggesting that it is used as a vehicle for their 'spirit', or 'life force', or whatever their non-physical essence is. They may be able to move their 'spirit' from one body into another with relative ease so if their present 'container' gets damaged I guess they pick up a new one somewhere else

A red-flag concern for us is the high probability that they can influence, or even control, human thoughts using telepathy or some form of thought transference. Serious researchers may like to look more closely at Dr. Salla's site which provide a range of detailed information about the Grays and their probable service to self agenda

Michael Salla - Intro to the Grays

Eisenhower Surrender Agreement

Reports of a 1954 Dwight Eisenhower meeting with some Grays suggest that a technology exchange agreement was created between the Eisenhower administration and the Gray visitors. These reports are credible and supported by published documents and public testimony from people who were in a position to know the truth

Military compartmentalization and information control systems work well so the public gets only small snippets of reliable information form insiders from time to time. We do, however, have an overall picture of what is happening between the Grays, the military industrial complex, and what appears to be a secretive cabal in a position of international power

1954 Dwight Eisenhower & Grays

It seems that the Gray-Eisenhower agreement gave relatively advanced technological information to a segment of the US military industrial complex in exchange for the Gray's right to study humans and to carry out human genetic experiments. We may wonder whether similar ET technology exchange deals were also agreed with China, Russia, and possibly India. We might also ask ourselves why EBEs want access to Earth human and animal genetic material

Do Presidents Know?

As far as we know US Presidents since J F Kennedy have not had access to EBE reports. John F Kennedy probably knew about them, but if later US presidents had access to that level of classified information it has not been made public. By way of contrast a steady flow of information is coming from people who have 'insider information'

A common message we get from leaked information is the need to raise our consciousness to higher levels of spiritual awareness which will apparently assist the EBE's ability to communicate with us by telepathy ... but that could be a Trojan Horse designed to undermine our free-will and impose further undesirable mind control on us!

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