About Intelligent Infinity

According to Ra, an advanced extraterrestrial (ET) spiritual being who exists in a high density dimension well above our own, and other visitors our planet, Earth is transitioning from a third density physical experience to a fourth density which will be different from what we are used to experiencing. They say that the third density experience that we are exiting lasts for 75,000 years and the planet is now changing as it evolves into a fourth density planet

What Ra, in the 1980's, referred to as 'a difficult birth' is consistent with what Billy Meier's visitors referred to as, The Event. It may also be what the New Testament writings refer to as, The End Times or The Apocalypse. Ra, in the 1980's, said that we should expect an extended transition process that will generate calamities and weather extremes for decades, and possibly for hundreds of years.

Intelligent Infinity | The Source

Ra says that we need to grasp what is happening around us and to understand our current situation, but to do this we must grasp the concept of Intelligent Infinity which is a concept that seems to have largely eluded us

There is a Creator, an Intelligent Infinity, that generates out of its own being the galaxies, stars, planets, darkness, light, love, fear, and every thought or experience in all dimensions

There is also a Logos recorded in The Jewish Torah Book of Genesis. It's often translated simply as God but whether that is the same Logos as the Intelligent Infinity that Ra refer to I don't know. It may be a Sub-Logos or the Demiurge that gnostics refer to.

Synchronise with Intelligent Infinity - Understand The Law of One

To clarify what is being said from the perspective of Ra there is a Source that can be referred to as Prime Creator, Primary Logos, or Intelligent Infinity, which in the language of the common person is God

That statement may be a stumbling block for some people, but it's not my task to convert anyone to any belief. This is simply a statement of fact from the perspective of Ra. The Ra communications several times refer to Intelligent Infinity as the sole source of every aspect of Creation

Intelligent Energy

Within Intelligent Infinity there is an energy that Ra refers to as Intelligent Energy. This Energy is Love. It is formed as a result of interaction between Intelligent Infinity and the activity of Free Will. As humans who have Free Will we have some measure of control over the Intelligent Energy that we experience

There is apparently a very close relationship between Infinite Energy and the energy band that we recognize as visible light

Purpose of Life

Unity, love, light, and joy is the core of spiritual understanding and personal evolution. The purpose of our life on Earth is to discover this and to embrace the love offered by Intelligent Infinity, or if you prefer the term, offered by God. By exercising a humble and trusting acceptance of Intelligent Infinity, or whatever you wish to call this enormous energy force, we are able to be energized by love and light

Light Chakra System

When we think of sunlight we may think of it as energy emanating from the Sun, but sunlight, white light, is comprised of a million colors in a band of frequencies. We may recall our ancient Egypt history and remember that Ra was the Sun God. It shouldn't be a surprise therefore to know that Ra asked us to think of sunlight as photons vibrating at specific frequencies and emanating energy as fields

Through meditation we may even be able to touch Intelligent Energy from within ourselves as we connect the spiritual aspect of our mind/body/spirit complex with Intelligent Infinity

Our 7 Energy Centers

Ra says that our human chemical body has 7 main energy centers that correspond with our understanding of the primary colors. Our knowledge is rather primitive but let's assume that we do have these centers, accept them as being seven in number, and let's agree to name them 'chakras'. There are more than seven chakras, but for now we'll work with what we think we know and fill in the details as we learn more

More About Chakras

The Main Chakra Colors

Ra mentions spiraling energy having different rotation speeds. The frequency of the energy is associated with each chakra, something like spiritual energy receptors. The lower chakras, for example, have receptors for red, orange, yellow light frequency bands

Having these lower energy centres active is important for our survival as they are associated with reproduction, the ego, and social survival but that's not sufficient for us to understand Intelligent Infinity which operates at higher frequencies

For a balanced existence we must also have activity in the 4 higher energy centers, the centers that facilitate healing, spiritual awareness, and awareness of Intelligent Infinity. According to Ra, all seven chakras in our body complex need to be active and in harmony with each other before we can begin to grasp the concept of Intelligent Infinity and the Law of One

Which Way is Home?

If I correctly understand what Ra is saying, religious activity, penance, attending collective meetings, and anything else connected with religion is of secondary importance compared to our understanding of the body and the chakra energy centres

If we have the lower 3 chakras sorted, and many people will have achieved that in some measure, but have not sorted the upper 4 chakras, then we'll have a distorted view of Intelligent Infinity

The path to God, as Intelligent Infinity is to understand and to harmonise our higher 4 chakras with the lower 3 chakras. To assist us Ra suggested, as an exercise, that in everything we see and do to always see the Creator and be thankful for every aspect of the Creation

Notes: Ra. Law of One: www.llresearch.org

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