Labels as Judgement

People may think bad things about us but it's best that we don't do the same. It's better to break the cycle of negative energy by maintaining positive non-judgemental thoughts

Labels as Judgement

Here are a few common labels that we probably recognise. He's a Jew, my neighbour is a gypsy, she's a dog lover, he's a tree hugger, and thousands of similar tags that people use during conversation. As David Icke observes, all such labels are undesirable judgemental statements

As an example consider the label, 'She's a student'. The implication is that the person is female, young, inexperienced, and has very limited useful knowledge whereas in reality she may be exceptionally talented and knowledgable. On the other hand, 'He's a professor' implies the opposite. A professor by definition has excelled and become an authority in a small area of specialist knowledge, and in this case he is male with all the diverse connotations that male carries. In reality I, and possibly you, have met professors who have not excelled and who have surprisingly restricted academic knowledge

Power of Labels

To push the label idea a little further I'll mention the emotive Nazi label. Originally a non-political spiritual term, it is today associated with a wartime Aryan movement and especially a range of repressive behaviours found particularly in Germany during the second world war

Imagine for a moment the feelings of a person in wartime Poland being labelled Juda by a German SchutzStaffel (SS) officer. The tag would have carried all the connotations of fear, family separation, deprivation, and probable death

So a social label may be far more than a harmless shorthand tag used in conversation. It may actually be a highly undesirable judgemental opinion, especially when seen from the perspective of the person being tagged


We are all placed on this planet for a purpose so when we quieten our thoughts and reflect we may ask ourselves why anyone is tagging any other person with questionable labels in this manner? Isn't that a sign of an inflated ego?

Each of us has unique characteristics. We may be a member of a recognisable group but within that group we are still unique, so being tagged with a label is unhelpful as any type of name tag detracts from our complex uniqueness

The Takeaway

We are all unique beings on a personal spiritual growth path. Some people are well advanced whilst most of us are still struggling to grasp the basics of spirituality. Rather than judging others and tagging them with labels we need to be kind to each other and thankful that we are all so different. This will encourage other people to also be kind and thankful which is far better than being judgemental

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