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The Logos | Creation

Ra states that the Creator of infinite Intelligence is the force that generates the universes, the stars, planets, and all the entities, such as ourselves, that are found in these universes. This Creator they refer to as Intelligent Infinity, Prime Source, or simply as the Creator

Who is Ra?

From Ra we understand that all of the many Creations have an expansion phase followed by a contraction. During the expansion phase light spirals outwards from the Creator which is the energy Source which forms everything that is to be created

From our perspective this is an enormous creative exercise which stretches our imagination. When all that is to be formed in a single creative thought is actually formed then the contraction phase begins, and all light and matter that was created in the expansion phase returns again to the Source. The end of this implosion may result in what we know as a cosmic black hole

Ra refers to the Intelligence driving these vast movements as the Logos. The Prime Logos, which is the Creator or Prime Source, uses thought to create multiple Sub-Logoi. Our Sun, for example, is the centre of our small planetary system and is apparently a Sub-Logoi that 'spins' light energy in such a manner as to form matter as we know it


The spinning of light creates what Ra refers to as 'densities'. There are several densities which are formed primarily by photon energy. The Earth began as a First Density creation, but has evolved through a First and a Second Density stage. The current Third Density experience, which we are familiar with, recently ended and since about 2012 our planet began to enter a Fourth Density stage. The transition is a primary cause of the extreme climate anomalies we are experiencing at present

Unlike a Third Density planet when thoughts are largely private the human population on a Fourth Density planet begins to form a social memory complex in which thoughts become more obvious and visible to each other. Unfortunately we as a whole have developed a strong a tendency towards bellicosity and many will not be able to survive in a Fourth Density environment in which love and respect is dominant

Ra, with typical dry humor, says that our transition from the Third Density to a Fourth Density is a a difficult birth

Free Will Decisions

In this Third Density we have a self-awareness experience that includes our mind, body, and our spirit. We have been and still are able to make conscious decisions that either benefit us personally or which benefit others. Ra calls this choosing process as a free-will choice for service to self or service to other-self. Service to self rejects universal love as it seeks to control, manipulate, exploit, and even enslave other people, the environment, and the animal kingdom

In simple terms we either develop a Me first personality, or we think more in terms of love and consider the needs of other people, the environment, and other creatures before satisfying our own needs

Other Densities

Ra explains that there are seven densities in total that we each pass through before returning to the Source, which can be thought of as an Eight Density. In the Fifth Density wisdom becomes the focus of growth. In the Sixth Density the love learned in Fourth Density merges with the wisdom learned in the Fifth Density so the power to serve others in the Sixth Density is more effective than love or wisdom alone. In the Seventh Density we begin to move into total harmony with the One Creator, but this is so far removed from us at present that it barely needs a mention

Summary of the Densities

The densities have the characteristics of circles within circles. There is the cycle of low level awareness which is the first circle. This is followed by the cycle of growth. In the third circle there is the cycle of self-awareness followed by the cycle of love or understanding in the fourth circle

The fifth circle is the cycle of light or wisdom, followed by the sixth circle, the cycle of light/love, love/light, or unity. In the seventh circle we near the gateway cycle to the eight which takes us back to the Creator Itself ... a huge mystery for us at our present level of spiritual development


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