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Ra states that the Creator of infinite Intelligence is the force that generates the universes, the stars, planets, and all the entities, such as ourselves, that are found in these universes. Ra refers to the Creator as an energy source that they know as Intelligent Infinity, The Prime Source, or simply The Creator

Who is Ra?

From Ra we learn that the Creator causes many cosmic creation events that take the form of an expansion phase followed by a contraction. During the expansion phase light spirals outwards for billions of our Earth years from a universal core that is the Creation energy Source itself

From our perspective this enormous creative exercise is difficult to comprehend. It stretches our imagination but when all that is intended to be formed by the Creator's creative thought is actually formed then a huge cosmic contraction begins. All light and matter that was formed in any outward expansion phase returns again to the Source where it is absorbed only to be again pushed outwards in new expansion events

Black Holes

The best way I can personally grasp the magnitude of this aspect of the Ra message is to think in terms of black holes. Our scientists tell us that a black hole will absorb everything, including light

Using Ra's explanation of photon energy as the basic energy of the Creation it seems consistent that light will be drawn into black holes during a universe contraction phase. The new thought for me is that the same absorbed black hole energy will be re-emitted as a new universe expansion

The Light Densities

Another aspect of the Creation that is possibly new for readers is the role of thought. We're told by Ra that it is the thought from the Source, the Creator, that is causally related to light 'Densities'. These densities are said to be formed by spinning photon energy from an original thought that manifests at many different frequencies in the light spectrum

If this isn't difficult enough to grasp Ra also says that there is an evolutionary progression as the Densities change and evolve from lower Density levels where light is less intense to higher Densities where vibrational frequences are higher and the light is much brighter

The Density Transition

They say that the duration of each Density is known and that durations can be precisely measured. For example, according to Ra, the duration from the end of Earth's 2nd Density to the end of the 3rd Density experience was 75,000 Earth years

Since about 2012 when our planet reached the end of the 3rd Density period it has been moving gradually into a fourth Density where the light, and presumably the heat, will be more intense than it was in the 3rd Density

During this transition we are still able to make conscious decisions that either benefit us personally or which benefit others. Ra refers to this free-will choosing process as either service to self on the one hand or service to other-self on the other

Self-Interest Service

Service to self seeks to control, manipulate, exploit, and even enslave other people. It rejects universal love as it seeks self-interest by dominating others and all the lower densities, including animal life and the plantary environment as a whole

In simple terms we either develop an ego dominated Me first personality, or we choose to allow feelings of love and consideration to spontaneously prioritise the needs of other people, the environment, and other creatures before our own needs. Whether the greater good involves serving Me or serving them is a choice we all have to make at some stage, but according to Ra, the time in which to make these choices has almost expired. The Density transition that began in 2012 is intensifying

Other Densities

Ra says that there are seven Densities in total that we each pass through before returning to the Source. They attempt to clarify our understanding by saying that Densities have the characteristics of circles within circles. There is the cycle of low level awareness which is the first circle where inanimate particles form. This is followed by the cycle of growth where plants and animals develop, followed by the third circle where humans appear and self-awareness develops. This is then followed by the cycle of awareness of Love in the fourth circle

The fifth circle is characterised by light or wisdom, followed by the sixth that is characterised by light/love, love/light, or unity. In the seventh circle we near the black hole gateway cycle which absorbs everything that exists back to the Creator Itself

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These various developmental circles, or Densities, are mostly a huge mystery for us at our present limited level of scientific and spiritual development. Our current experience is that we appear to be in a physical 3rd Density world which is evolving with considerable violence into a 4th Density experience where love is essential for survival

Whether or not we will actually transit safely to that higher vibratory Density appears rather doubtful at present due to our bellicosity and level of spiritual awareness

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