Billy Meier at Asoka Mehrauli Ashram

Eduard Meier, better known by his nickname 'Billy Meier', says that he was contacted by benevolent non-Earth extraterrestrial people(ET) in the 1960s and 1970s. From what we can gather from Billy himself, and from his ET Contact Reports, his alleged ET friends made contact to help him develop his spiritual awareness.

Alleged ET vehicle above the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram.

Billy stayed for several months at the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram

The non-Earth visitors are said to have given helpful meditation information to Billy in order to help him open his understanding of the cosmos and for him to discover the importance of spiritual evolution, but it seems that problems of some type developed, and after a short time Billy received fewer, and eventually no further visits from his ET friends.

What we know about Billy Meier is that he had an unconventional, often described as a colourful, education, and when he was a youth in the 1960s he predictably ran into problems with the Law. Realising the possible undesirable consequences of his behaviour he thought it prudent to 'disappear' for an extended time. It was during his 'no fixed address' travels that he stayed for several months at the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram in New Delhi.

Phobol Cheng in Asoka Mehrauli

Phobol Cheng, who was at the time an 8-year old girl, confirms that Billy was in India during the time that she was living at the New Delhi Asram. She says that she also had an experience of being with Asket who was apparently a very pleasant non-Earth human. Phobol also remembers once seeing Asket walking and talking with Billy in the Ashram garden.

Phobol Remembers Asket

From the time following Billy's departure from the Mehrauli Ashram, however, it's difficult to separate what may be reality from what may be fiction as very little of what Billy says can be verified. Even members of his close family have distanced themselves from some of his statements.

Unverifiable Statements

Almost nothing in Billy's Contact Reports can be verified.

From the many personal testimonies of reliable citizens who have had experiences with other human and humanoid people in many different and varied situations it seems almost certain that humans, and many other intelligent life beings, exist everywhere in the cosmos. So based on that assumption it's quite possible that Billy did have non-Earth visitor contact experiences of some sort, especially whilst he was living at the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram in India, and possibly later when he was living in Switzerland.

Is Meier a Fraudster?

It's possible that Billy really was contacted by Asket in the late 1960's when he had probably already mastered meditation techniques at the Asoka Mehrauli ashram, but when it became clear that he wasn't responding in the way that was expected by the visitors the contacts are said to have gradually reduced in frequency and eventually stopped completely.

An extension to that possibility is that Billy began to confuse his recall of the visitor experience that he actually had with Asket and some others, but the recall became confused with elements of creative thinking, fantasy, if you like that term. That possibility would account for many of the later reports that appear to be well written science fiction rather than factual reports of events.

Today in 2021 interest in the Billy Meier Contact Reports has mostly faded to an unimportant memory, but many people are aware of happenings that are beyond normal, and interest in Billy Meier himself has not faded away.

He is an interesting charismatic figure who appears to attract spiritually minded people, and especially spiritual seekers, so it's no surprise to learn in recent media reports that Billy Meier still lives in Switzerland but as a reclusive leader of a fairly large UFO cult.

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