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Billy's Pleiadian Friends

Eduard Meier who lives in Switzerland is also known colloquially as Billy Meier. Billy says that he traveled with some of his friendly Pleiadian extraterrestrial (ET) contacts and learned how they travel in large mother-ships and use smaller saucers to enter our environment. One of his contacts was a woman named Asket

Pleiadians Are Humans

We know that when Billy was a young man he stayed for several months at the Mehrauli ashram in India where Phobol Cheng was living at the time. Phobol herself had an experience of being with Asket. She also remembers seeing Asket walking with Billy at the ashram. This happened in the 1960s when Phobol was a young pre-teens woman. As an adult Phobol became a Cambodia UN diplomat so we can reasonably assume that what she says is factually true

Phobol Remembers Asket

Apparently the Pleiadians who made contact with Billy Meier wanted to assist our spiritual development. They would like us to be more spiritually aware and less materialistic. They gave helpful information to Billy in order to help our understanding of the cosmos and the importance of spiritual evolution

Billy's visitors are human like us, but they're from more evolved civilizations than ours. Whereas we live in a third density world Billy's visitors came from a higher fourth density experience where love and spiritual values, like respect and care, are normal between all people. Even if it were possible for us to visit them we wouldn't see them because they transfer from their fourth density experience to our lower spiritual dimension when they visit us. We'd need to transfer into their fourth density to see them


Who Else is Visiting Us?

Various reports suggest that continuous communication is occurring between various non-Earth visitors and Earth humans, especially with military groups. It seems that there are different visitors with different agendas, but contacts are mostly friendly and businesslike. The Gray EBE (extraterrestrial Biological Entity) visitors, for example, are allegedly here for technology exchange reasons, but as their agenda is not public information we don't really know the real purpose of their contact with us

EBEs & US Engineers ... at 37:00 min

According to Charles Hall the Tall Whites, another ET group, routinely visit a specific US military base for rest and recreation before travelling on to wherever it is that they go. Charles says that the propulsion systems used in their craft is based on photon energy, and that they apparently like to stock up with Earth grown mushrooms before leaving, which is also rather interesting

Confirmation From Alaje

Alaje, allegedly an incarnate Pleiadian, suggests that the number of non-Earth visitors walking around and in communication with Earth humans today, is numbered in the thousands. Alaje also says that Billy's ET contacts did occur in the 1960s and 1970s but were terminated because Billy became rather egoistic. He says that Billy is now being manipulated by ETs who claim to be Pleiadian when in fact they are not. This may be true as there are signs of egoism in Billy's reports after the mid-1970s, and his claim to be Immanuel (Yeshua) reincarnated is pretty weird

More about Alaje ...

Pleiadian Characteristics

Apparently a Pleiadian looks so similar to an Earth human that we could be talking with one without realising who s/he is. For most people, however, this won't happen as the visitors are said to carefully groom and prepare individuals spiritually before making contact. From Billy's early contact reports we learn that Pleiadian visitors are loving, tolerant, intuitive and very sensitive to our feelings and our thoughts

Our ET visitors all seem to have telepathic ability which allows them to sense and react to the subtle intentions that we hold in our thoughts. We also learn from Alaje that the Pleiadian people respect our free will and will never try to control or manipulate us. They are rather like our 'all knowing' benevolent grandparents of childhood ... kindly, understanding, gentle, whilst nudging our behaviour in a certain positive direction

Universal Humanity

From Billy's contacts we learn that Earth humans are just one form of human life. Fortunately for us our Pleiadian visitors want to help us understand that evolving our spiritual awareness is our responsibility. They will help us when it's possible but we have to learn how to evolve positively ourselves. They avoid criticising our beliefs or our political management systems but they have said that their systems are based on different principles ... with the implied hint that perhaps we may like to learn from them

Umm ... our kindly grandparents said stuff like that

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