Billy's Pleiadian Friends

This page is about Eduard Meier's alleged contact with a benevolent Dal Universe extraterrestrial (ET) and some Plejarens. When you first read the Contact Reports that Billy has published you will probably think it's science fiction with Billy Meier as the main character!

Billy Meier's Contact Reports could easily pass for a series of decent science fiction articles, but Billy says that's not the case. He says that everything he reports actually happened in real life. If that really were the case then Billy's experience is pretty amazing!

The Purpose of Contact

From what we can gather from Billy himself, and from his ET Contact Reports, the alleged ET friends made contact with him to help him develop his spiritual awareness and his ability to meditate. The idea was that Billy would then teach others how to develop their spiritual awareness, which would benefit us all as the enlightenment spread.

The visitors are said to have given helpful meditation information to Billy in order to help him open his understanding of the cosmos and for him to discover the importance of spiritual evolution, but it seems that problems of some type developed, and after a short time Billy received fewer, and eventually no further visits from his ET friends.

Phobol Cheng in India

Phobol Cheng remembers seeing Asket walking and talking with Billy Meier in the Ashram garden.

What we know about Billy Meier is that he had an unconventional education and when he was a youth in the 1960s he ran into problems with the Law. Realising the possible undesirable consequences of his behaviour he thought that it would be prudent to leave Europe for an extended time. It was during his 'no fixed address' travels that he stayed for several months at the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram in New Delhi where at the time an 8-year old girl named Phobol Cheng was living.

Phobol confirms that Billy was in India during the time that she was living at the Asram. She says that she herself had an experience of being with Asket, and she remembers seeing Asket walking and talking with Billy in the Ashram garden. As an adult Phobol became a Cambodian UN diplomat which lends support to the probability that what she says probably did occur, and that Billy really did have an ET visitor experience in India.

Phobol Remembers Asket

From the time following Billy's departure from the ashram, however, it's difficult to separate what may be reality from unverifiable statements and what may be imaginary fictional events.

Many ETs are Humans

For example, Billy said that he once traveled with some of his friendly ETs in their scout craft, a saucer shaped craft, and discovered how they travel in large mother-ships for galatic travel and use their smaller saucer shaped vehicles to enter a planet's immediate environment.

He also says that his visitors are bipedal humans like us but that they're from more highly evolved civilizations existing in higher fourth, or fifth, density dimensions where love, respect, care, and telepathy are just part of their normal daily experience.

Is Billy's Report Reliable?

Very little in Billy's Contact Reports can be verified. Some attempts revealed fabricated or hoax material!

There are several snippets of text in the Meier Contact Reports that do have the ring of truth, and which may be a reasonably good record of events that really occurred, but many of the reports appear to be well written fiction rather than reliable reports! Very little of what Billy says can be verified and some attempts at verification revealed hoax material!

It's highly probable that non-Earth humans exist everywhere in the cosmos, and it's also possible that Billy did have an ET contact experience of some sort whilst he was living at the Asoka Mehrauli Ashram in India, and possibly again later when he was in Switzerland.

His published Contact Reports, however, span a much wider period of time than that, and it's possible that Billy has embellished much of the reported information with his knowledge of popular ET opinion and the meditation ideas he learned whilst in living in India.

Is Billy a Reliable Witness?

'Psychosis is a mental disorder ... wherein the person ... has lost contact with reality'.

Without wishing to be unkind to Billy we need to consider the possibility that many of Billy's Contact Reports are distorted, not necessarily intentionally, but as a consequence of a disorder wherein his creative imagination embellishes the memory of events that may have occurred in the past.

Readers can be reasonably certain about Billy's late teenage and early adulthood experience information, including his 6 months stay at the Indian asram, but beyond that period reliable information and fiction seem to merge and report verification is not possible.

If the New Delhi Asoka Mehrauli Ashram report is correct, as it appears to be, then that is very interesting, but beyond that readers will need to form their own opinion about the reliability of Billy's reports and the religious cult that has formed around his leadership.

james9spot James

People question whether Billy is a contactee or or a dangerous fraudster. He is probably both!

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