Secret World Government | The Hidden Hand (1926)

The phrase 'Hidden Hand' is used differently by different groups. The Free Masons, appear to use it for the symbolic action of placing the right hand inside a partly open jacket. That action is then an indication to others that the person has Masonic membership above level 13 within that fraternity.

Others' such as Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, use the term to refer to the predominantly financial manipulation of political events by Jewish International bankers, the secret world government, especially the Rothschild extended family.

The person in an Internet thread who refers to himself as Lucifer uses 'Hidden Hand' to refer to his so called established 'off world' family that is involved with providing catalyst for human spiritual evolution which is quite different from the Jewish International bankers secret world government meaning.

So although there are various uses of the term 'The Hidden Hand' they all refer to the behaviour, or the concept, of a group of influential individuals hidden from an uninformed public.

Summary of Count Cherep-Spiridovich's Hidden Hand ...

I don't suggest that Cherep-Spiridovich's opinions are necessarily correct, and I certainly don't feel comfortable with his racist opinions, but I do wonder whether a Secret World Government Hidden Hand was involved in the destruction of the New York World Trade Centre on 9 November 2001. The secretive manner of the World Trade Centre destruction and the following invasion of Iraq is consistent with the general tone of Spiridovich's book written almost 100 years ago.

Regarding 9/11, my own research is relatively simple, but even at that level there are a bunch of questions that at this time remain unanswered. I also offer links to more detailed information for readers who may be interested in learning more, but you will discover much more if you begin to research this topic yourself.

Introduction to The New York 9/11/2001 Incident

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