Our Intentions & Karma

At a basic level karma can be viewed as a form of causality. We think and behave in a certain way and that thought and associated behaviour is linked causally to an effect. In this sense there's nothing mystical about karma. It's simply our intentions and feelings operating at a subconscious level and manifesting as behaviour

Karma as Inertia

Ra suggest, however, that there are spiritual consequences as a result of bad karma and we need to make rectification during this lifetime. They suggest that we consider inertia as an analogy to help us understand how they view karma

When an object is set in motion in a vacuum it will continue moving until stopped by another force. Ra say that that can be used as an analogy for the way a karmic cycle will continue, in this life and beyond, until it is stopped by a higher principle

The higher principle that stops an undesirable karmic cycle is the act of forgiveness. Full eradication of karma requires forgiveness of oneself and any other people involved in that karmic cycle

Learning Forgiveness

The source of negative karma is in our thoughts so the process of removing it involves holding positive thoughts of forgiveness, respect, comfort, and healing. Such forgiving thoughts can be part of our restitution effort for the karma we create when we make undesirable choices at various times during our life experiences

Paul, the Christian leader, appears to have known the importance of cleansing our thoughts when he instructed the Philippi church to fill their minds with whatever is pure and holy. He encouraged them to always cultivate loving thoughts and to avoid all forms of negativity [Philippians 4:8]

Listen, Discover, Stay Skeptical

On this planet we are all on a learning path as we develop our spiritual awareness. We make errors and create undesirable karma for ourselves that we then need to remove by forgiveness and love. If we were perfect we wouldn't create bad karma for ourselves, but in that case we wouldn't be incarnate here on Earth anyway. We'd be ascended to a fourth dimensional experience some place elsewhere in the cosmos where more perfect beings exist

So it's best to go easy on criticising others and to work more on developing feelings of forgiveness and love to nullify all undesirable karma

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'... You will know a tree by its fruit' (Matthew 12:33)

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