Meditation & Feeling

The purpose of meditation is to break the normally continuous internal mental activity in our thoughts by focusing our attention on a mantra or on the in and out process of breathing. Simply by placing attention on our breathing is enough to reduce our mental activity. If new activity occurs we need to bring our attention back to the breath, image, mantra, or whatever point of focus we are using for the meditation

Any Time or Space

A benefit of meditation is the calming effect that occurs when the mind is stilled and freed from its normal activity of thought processing. This can occur in any body position and at any time. There are no special rules that have to be followed for meditation. The key component is the ability to focus our attention

Empowering Our Aura

When we focus attention on our breath, or a mantra, the unwanted thoughts 'chatter' will gradually stop and our body will relax. At that stage there are two inner energies which we may like to move the focus of our inner attention to

One is the energy that spirals anticlockwise up through the feet and the lower chakras towards the heart. The other is the energy field that enters from above the head and spirals anticlockwise downwards. We may like to visualise these energy fields as golden balls of light that spiral slowly and merge at the heart chakra

7 chakras
The Seven Chakras

Alaje's Thoughts

Alaje mentions that people tend to add complexity to simple processes. He suggests that we shouldn't think too much about the process of meditation but should focus more on feeling the effect of the energy which accumulates around the heart chakra. He also suggests that we may want to include feelings of thankfulness, respect, and appreciation to the Source of that energy (God) for the world, the environment, and the people around us

Alaje: Feelings of Love

James image

'... You will know a tree by its fruit' (Matthew 12:33)

Cat meditating
Even Animals Meditate