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Body-Mind Food

Basic Physical Cycle

The physical cycle of birth, reproduction, and decline to physical death is common to all creatures, but humans do a lot more than that during their life cycle. We explore, discover, learn, and create fine art and architecture that expresses our spiritual aspect in tangible form

In order to function effectively as humans, and to reproduce, the body aspect of our being needs to be considered and nurtured. This means eating sensible food, exercising, and developing normal healthy relationships with others. The types of food and the ratio of fats, protein, and carbohydrates in our meals are an important part of staying healthy

Healthy Living Food

We're probably all familiar with the recommended nutritional food pyramid that we were once asked to follow for good health. It looks a bit different these days and not everyone agrees with the ratios, but ignoring those details we still have the general idea of a hierarchical structure with a wide base of staple food like rice, bread, and starches at the bottom, and a narrow band at the top containing dessert treats and low use food like oils and fats

For an example here is the USDA Food Pyramid as it was in 2005.USDA Food Pyramid

The Mind and Food

There is enough information available for us today to add a mind, or thoughts, aspect to the food we consume. This is because we know that the way we feel and our thoughts in general affect health and digestion

Fresh health-generating food is body-fuel but it's also a gift from Nature that is affected by the way it is treated. When we feel thankful for receiving and eating our food that positive thought energy helps us to ingest the food and draws us into harmony with the Source of all life


Negative Energy Stress

If you can recall an occasion when you were stressed, angry, or very unhappy for some reason, you were probably not interested in smiling or eating food ... or maybe you ate heaps of cookies as a palliative. Tis is because mood and feelings affect body function, behaviour, and appetite. It makes no sense to think of our body as something that's separate from feelings and thoughts because it's not

Sadhguru: Treat Water With Reverence

Inner World Pyramid

If we choose to focus most of our energy on one aspect of our being, such as making money or getting power over other people in the physical realm, we are in a sense unbalanced and at risk of becoming spiritually impoverished. On the other hand giving attention to our spiritual development should not be at the expense of a neglected physical body or our intellect

A more holistic view of ourselves treats the body, food, water, thoughts, feelings, and the environment around us as an interrelated energy field that responds to the forces that act upon it. Having positive thoughts is therefore an important health perspective that we may like to consider as we empower our evolution to higher levels of awareness

At this point I'd like to introduce the idea of a spiritual pyramid similar to the above food pyramid but focused on the 7 main chakras. I have taken the rough sketch of the chakras and ask readers to think in terms of a spiritual hierarchical structure inside our body with a broad base containing red and orange frequencies and a narrow top with spinning energy in the indigo and violet frequencies

7 chakras

The lower chakras are concerned with food, security, and sleep. They are the survival zones which many people seem to understand quite well. The yellow green chakras are slightly more elevated as they are concerned more with enjoyment, social relationships and thoughts about other people ... but instead of stepping through the remaining chakras it may be better to listen to Sadhguru who explains how these chakras work rather well

Sadhguru Explains the Chakras [1] [2]

Not a Religion

We can learn from Sadhguru but spiritual growth is not restricted to India or a religion. It's more about meditation, removing egoism, learning, and developing a positive philosophy for living. It has no direct connection with prayer or religion, although Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity all offer helpful perspectives for spiritual development

When we look beyond the physical aspect of living and focus on our spiritual growth we become more aware of our mental or spiritual potential and start to become creative, loving, and thankful for everything we see and experience. When that happens we can be sure that we on our own path to further spiritual understanding and personal growth

Spiritual Awareness

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