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We're probably all familiar with the recommended nutritional food pyramid that we were once asked to follow for good health. It looks a bit different these days and not everyone agrees with the ratios, but ignoring those details we still have the general idea of a hierarchical structure with a wide base of staple food like rice, bread, and starches at the bottom, and a narrow band at the top containing dessert treats and low use food like oils and fats

USDA Food Pyramid
2005 USDA Food Pyramid

Thoughts and Food

There is enough information available for us today to add a thoughts, aspect to the food we consume because we know that the way we feel and our thoughts in general affect our health and digestion

Fresh health-generating food is body-fuel but it's also a gift from Nature that's affected by the way it's treated. When we feel thankful for receiving and eating food that positive thought energy helps our body to ingest the food and it also draws us into harmony with the Source of all life

Negative Energy Stress

If you can recall an occasion when you were stressed, angry, or very unhappy for some reason, you were probably not interested in smiling or eating food ... or maybe you ate heaps of sweet cookies as a palliative. This is because mood and feelings affect body function, behaviour, and appetite. It makes no sense to think of our body as something that's separate from feelings and thoughts because it's not

Sadhguru: Water Responds to Thoughts

Holistic Balance

If we choose to focus most of our energy on one aspect of our being, such as making money or getting power over other people in the physical realm, we are in a sense unbalanced and at risk of becoming spiritually impoverished. In the same manner giving attention to our spiritual development should not be at the expense of a neglected physical body or an impoverished intellect

A more holistic view of ourselves treats the body, food, water, thoughts, feelings, and the environment around us as an interrelated energy field that responds to the forces that act upon it. Having positive thoughts is just one aspect of a balanced life. Being receptive to energy from Nature is another aspect, and so is social balance

Inner World Pyramid

Holistic balance includes spiritual balance. In the following Chakra Pyramid there are 7 chakras shown as red and orange through to indigo. We can think of these as specific areas of energy inside and perhaps radiating a little beyond our physical body

7 chakras

The lower red and orange chakras are concerned with food, security, and sleep. They are the survival zones which many people seem to understand quite well. The yellow and green chakras are more elevated as they are concerned more with enjoyment, social relationships and thoughts about other people. The green 'heart' chakra is particularly important as it is focused on love

For many people that's as far as their spiritual holism goes. The higher frequency chakras receive little attention so the energy associated with those areas remain weak. In that sense many people are in a state of spiritual imbalance in the sense that they are not receiving all the energy that is available for their health and wellbeing

Listen as Sadhguru Explains Chakras [1] [2]

Not a Religion

We can learn from Sadhguru but spiritual growth is not restricted to India or a religion. It's more about removing egoism and seeking understanding as a positive philosophy for living. When we look beyond the physical aspect of living and focus more on our spiritual growth we may become more aware of our mental and spiritual potential

The aim, in my opinion, is to become creative, loving, and thankful for everything we see and experience. When that happens we can be sure that we are on our own path to further spiritual understanding and personal growth

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