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Body-Mind Food

Basic Physical Cycle

The physical cycle of birth, reproduction, and decline to physical death is common to all creatures, but humans do a lot more than that during their life cycle. We explore, discover, learn, and create fine art and architecture that expresses our spiritual aspect in tangible form

Evolving Our Spiritual Aspect

Creativity seems to be an essential aspect of our "inner world" that we need to express. When we go beyond the physical aspect of living and focus on our spiritual growth we find that our development can extend beyond our basic physical needs. We become more aware of our mental or spiritual potential and start to be creative, loving, and thankful for everything we see and experience

Not a Religion

Spiritual growth isn't a religion. Spiritual development is more about meditation, low egoism, and a positive philosophy for living. It has no direct connection with prayer or religion, although the Buddhist Middle Way and Taoism promote beliefs that are helpful for spiritual development, and Christianity stripped of the religious coating is also very helpful


Inflexibility Barrier

Learning and expanding our knowledge is a process but the process sometimes becomes rather too rigid, dogmatic, and inflexible. During paradigm shifts, however, we need new mental niches to accommodate evolving knowledge such as superstring theory, quantum physics, and genetics. Rigid thought paradigms need to become flexible and fluid so that our evolving scientific understanding gets used in a creative way to produce novel solutions for our many social problems

Materialism or Spiritual Growth?

Humans are complex beings comprised of a physical body, a mind, and a spiritual component that some refer to as the soul. We are balanced in a Yin-Yang sense when our body and mind are developing and growing in harmony with our higher-self, our soul

Alaje's Spiritual Awareness

If we chose to focus most of our energy on one aspect of our being, such as making money or getting power over other people in the physical realm, we are in a Yin-Yang sense unbalanced and at risk of becoming spiritually impoverished

Yin Yang symbol

Inner World Balance

On the other hand giving attention to our spiritual development should not be at the expense of a neglected body or intellect. Our body is our lower density expression and it also needs care and nourishment in a similar way that our mind needs activity and new thoughts to maintain optimum mental health

The need for holistic balance has been known for centuries in the East. An illustration of physical, mental, and spiritual balance is found in the Taoist desire to live in harmony with the Tao, the force that in the West is known as God, or the Source

Healthy Living Food

A holistic spiritual view of ourselves treats the body, our food, water, our thinking and feelings, and the environment around us as an interrelated interactive energy field that responds to the forces that act upon it. Having positive thoughts about food and water is a health perspective that we may like to consider as we empower our evolution to higher levels of awareness

Fresh health-generating food is body-fuel but it's also a gift from Nature that is affected by our thoughts and the way it is treated. When we feel thankful for receiving and eating the thought energy that we generate in our mind helps us to ingest the food and helps us to remain in harmony with the Source

Negative Energy Stress

If you can recall an occasion when you were stressed, angry, or very unhappy for some reason, the probability is high that during that time of stress you weren't very interested in smiling or eating food ... or maybe you ate heaps of cookies as a palliative! That's because our mood and feelings affect body function, behaviour, and appetite. It makes no sense to think of our body as something that's separate from feelings and thoughts because it's not

Our body, feelings, and thoughts are interrelated and it's desirable to develop them in balanced harmony with each other. It's unfortunate that many people are so busy with material matters that they pass through life with little spiritual growth

Commercial Interests

Even more unfortunate is that today's commercial interests use money-chasing, entertainment, and fashion as control mechanisms to extract profit from what some unkindly refer to as 'the sheeple'. The same commercial interests use the mainstream media and advertising to anchor people's thoughts firmly in the physical realm of sports, celebrities, beauty contestants, materialism, sex, and things of that nature. These are simply forms of imposed mind-control which our creative spiritual aspect needs to rise above in order to ascend to higher levels of thought

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