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Meditation & Feeling

Meditation is really quite simple and although it may not be a wormhole in the interdimensional sense it does open up new experiences of inner peace. There's no need to add complexity to meditation in the form of a mantra or repetitive chanting, although some people find such devices helpful

Meditation Position

Meditation can occur in any body position but there is a frequently used sitting position where the legs are crossed, the hands are placed on the lap with fingers interlaced, and the spine is erect and perpendicular to the ground. In this position the chin is pulled in a little, and the eyes are focused slightly above the horizon. This meditation position is preferred by many Asian people

Being grounded and perpendicular to the ground aligns the spine with the natural bio-magnetic fields of the Earth which helps the natural energy field to flow through the spine and energise the 7 main chakras. Keeping the fingers interlaced helps to contain this energy in the body where initially we want natural cosmic energy to accumulate

The Meditation Process

We relax every part of the body beginning with the head and consciously relaxing muscles all the way down to the toes. Then we think of being positioned inside our head a little behind the eyes where we can mentally observe without analysis or mental engagement

The Breath

We may choose to focus attention on the natural process of breathing, which may naturally slow as we relax. We can observe the breath but we don't try to control it, although long exhales are preferred by some people

We don't try to control anything really, not even our thoughts. We just observe without engagement, like a person looking at beautiful scene. Observers simply look at it and feel its beauty. We do much the same during meditation except we're observing our inner world


Focus of Attention

There will be 'monkey chatter' in the thoughts. Observe this but don't respond with more 'chatter' by mentally processing those thoughts. Bring the attention back to the breath, and when more 'chatter' occurs realise that the mind has lost focus and again move attention back to the breath

Empowering Our Aura

When the body is fully relaxed we may choose to move our attention from the breath to the healing energy flowing down through our body from the Earth's natural energy field. It will enter from above the head and slowly spiral downwards through the chakras. We may visualise it as a bright white light, and with practise we may mentally direct this energy to areas of body that need healing

Alaje's Thoughts

I listen carefully to Alaje. He has far more cosmic field knowledge than I. He says that we should visualize breathing in this cosmic energy and feel it in our heart chakra rather than thinking too much about what we are doing. Alaje often says that during meditation our focus should be on feelings, especially feelings of thankfulness, respect, and appreciation for the things and people who are around us. He sums this up as feelings of love

Alaje's Cosmic Love