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Changing Powerful Misconceptions

When we ask ourselves where the concept of competition and winning come from we may think that it's in our genes. It's as if I'm born with a set of genes so life is predetermined, and as I intend want to survive in this material world I'm going to make sure that I beat anyone who gets in my way. I'll step on other people so I can accumulate as much money and material wealth as I can to stay ahead of the pack

From a social perspective opinions of that nature are bad news. We learn that sort of thinking during our childhood and formal education. The family has a big influence too and in this manner core social opinion moves from one generation to the next relatively unchanged, at least until something happens that causes those beliefs to be reconsidered

A collective behaviour that manifests as materialism and competition is the result of thoughts that are shared within, and reinforced, by a group. In the case of Capitalism the group is extremely large, large enough to be self reinforcing through peer pressure, and encouraged by a biased Capitalist media influence

Quantum physics, however, is changing the way some people think. Rather than believing that physical matter is simply a collection of particles quantum physics shows that what we perceive as matter is probably the result of interacting energy fields

Bruce Lipton: Misconceptions

Influence of Mind

A previously shared collective opinion was that humans are comprised of a physical body and a mind, which acts rather like a computer to manage routine body functions such as heart beat and respiration etc.

Quantum physics has altered that commonly held paradigm so that some people now think of themselves as an interactive body/mind/spirit energy complex rather than a bunch of particles managed by a brain. If we are actually interacting energy fields then we may also have an aura around us rather like the invisible inductive energy field around a copper wire carrying a current.

Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit

Bruce Lipton

This is a rather exciting new way of thinking. Bruce Lipton says that it was our outdated misperception of physical matter that made us think the way we did, but as we begin to think in terms of energy fields everything changes and new possilities beome realisable. Telepathy as a means of communication, for example, moves from science fiction to possible reality, and we may speculate that intuition is a form of shared memory energy transfer from a collective consciousness field

Reality Distortion

Stepping back from the quantum world into our current daily life as it actually is for many people means that quantum thinkers have an added perception. They will be aware that perceptions of reality may be distorted, and they are likely to be wary of dogmatic opinions as they realise that our physical senses are an aspect of an intergrated body/mind/spirit energy complex that can be influenced by external energy fields such as thought energy that originates externally from the individual

Alaje: Power of Thought

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