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The following is extracted from Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich's The Secret World Government, or "The Hidden Hand" (1926)

The style of writing used by Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich (1866-1926) is very different from today's writing so I have attempted to present his main points and avoid the many references that are in the original text.

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To solve the problems of unrest, and thus to save the White Race, we must know that World Unrest is caused by the Judeo-Mongols and their firm desire to smash the Aryans and to overthrow everything Christian.

The planned assault of Asia is not to be upon Europe only, but upon the Aryan Race as a whole, especially upon wealthy America.

America is Facing United Foes

Bolshevism is inflaming at least five million Judeo-Mongols and some three or four million "secret Judeo-Mongols" in America; also the heads of twelve million Negroes here, and seven million more of all kinds of "reds," "pinks," "radicals," "Utopians," "pacifists," and other discontented persons in the United States.

What is Bolshevism? It is the Jewish mask of Communism. "Bolshevism is militant Judaism; the extermination of the White races and the substitution of Asiatic parasites for the Aryans. It is the work of Jewish assassins for the purpose of causing a new domination of the World by a criminal sect." Bolshevism, the manipulations of foreign exchanges, and the general 'world unrest', may be summed up in two words, namely, 'Jew Finance'.

Invisible Secret World Government

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, a Jewish Central Government for obtaining World domination. The League of Nations is entirely run by the Jews."

Abbe Joseph Lemann wrote in 1886: "There is a plan to disorganize at one blow Christian society and the beliefs of the Jews to bring about a state of things where there will be neither Christian nor Jew, but only men stripped of divinity, and where, politically speaking, the Christian will become, if not the slave, at least the inferior of the Jew ...

The Jews never sought the improvement of any nation. Their aims were to murder and de-Christianize. In order to establish "Israel Above All", the Jews have kept their World Government secret and invisible.

Financial Bankers Rule Governments

"The real menace of our Republic is the Invisible Government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. At the head of this octopus is a small group of powerful banking houses, generally referred to as the 'International bankers'. This little coterie of powerful men virtually runs our Government for their own selfish ends."

"Nominally we govern ourselves: actually, we are governed by an oligarchy of the American branch of the International Bankers. The British Government is the camouflage behind which the money kings of the world have hitherto hid their economic warfare upon the masses of the world."

Rothschild and French Revolution

In 1778 "Weisshaupt, a Jew founded in Bavaria the "Uluminati", a secret society and instructed the "Central Committee" of the Grand Orient of France to be ready for a revolt.

Robespierre did not become a monarchist, but he understood, that the supposed "French" revolution was simply a "Jewish" acquisition of France and had nothing to do with welfare, freedom, equality and other shibboleths.

The Rothschilds' interests demanded the downfall of Napoleon I in order to save the Rothschilds' money invested with many other rulers. Rathenau repeated the declaration of Disraeli saying that "the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

US Civil War Manipulation

In 1876 Bismarck said that the division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided by the High Financial Power of Europe long before the Civil War.

These bankers were afraid that a union of States would upset their position of financial domination but that there could be tremendous benefit if they could substitute two feeble democracies indebted to the Jewish financiers.

They encouraged the rupture between the North and the Southern States a priority but were impeded by Lincoln who understood the situation and decided to eliminate the International bankers, by establishing a system of Loans, allowing the States to borrow directly from the people without intermediary.

The local banks were glad to help such a system, but the foreign financiers realised that this was not to their advantage and the removal of Lincoln was the solution.

The intervention in the US land dispute by Alexander II. Meant that the Rothschilds were left without Mexico and the Southern States, and they could not capture the North, as was planned in 1857. The solution was the removal of Lincoln, and after several attempts, the murder of the Russian Czar in 1881.

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I don't suggest that Cherep-Spiridovich's opinions are necessarily correct, and he appears to be mostly referring to Zionist Ashkenazic Jews rather than to the normal friendly Jewish people that we all know. His outspoken opinions may, however, be a warning of an extremist group that is able to subversively manipulate Western governments behind a veil of secrecy.

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