Balanced Chakra Centres Energy

Our energy body which is expressed through our aura as light energy has 7 major centres and many minor chakras throughout the body. The concept of Chakra as spinning energy centres is common in India and especially among Hindu devotees. The Chakras, which in Sanskrit means wheels, are our body's main energy centres. Five of them encircle different points of the spine, the 3rd Eye centre is in the skull, and the crown chakra is in our aura above our head.

yin-yang balance

Each wheel may be blocked, semi-active, fully active, or any combination of these possibilities. Sometimes one or two chakras may be very active whilst others remain blocked. The ideal situation to produce the best overall energy and vigor for daily living is to have all 7 main centres fully activate.

Two Chakra Groups

These energy centres radiate through our aura as light energy which we each have around our body. Each chakra is associated with a different body-mind function. The lower 3 are concerned with reproduction, shelter, friendships, and human survival whereas the upper 4 centres are more related to transforming energy such as receiving and giving love, and experiencing awareness of others and their needs.

The higher energy centres are often thought of as being concerned with thoughts and desires that are 'other people' focused and how we may serve their needs, whereas the lower centres are more related to service to oneself.

Where to Invest Our Energy

Hindu leaders in Ashrams associated with Shiva teach spiritual seekers to invest time in developing the upper energy group as these are more rewarding than the lower group which are concerned solely with this world and mundane matters like food, sex, and shelter. They consider the lower energies as more feminine and rather passive compared with the higher energies which are dynamic and transforming.

From this the idea of masculine and feminine chakra groups developed in distant past time. The 2 groups were thought of as triangles with the lower feminine one associated with survival pointing downwards towards the ground and the upper masculine triangle pointing upwards towards the cosmos.

Masculine feminine balance

The Need for Masculine and Feminine

The 2 energy groups are found in both men and women so there is no connection with human gender difference. Rather they are qualities that all people can, and ideally should, develop in balance so that the masculine and feminine qualities in us are well evolved and held in harmoneous balance.

This Hindu concept is very similar to Chinese Taoism where the desire is for balance within the Universe. This form of balance is illustrated in the Yin-Yang symbol where the masculine Yang and the feminine Yin are of equal size, but with both aspects containing the seed of the other's energy. This suggests a dynamic process of continually maintaining balance within the body-mind compex which is symbolised by the larger outer circle.

yin-yang balance

Freemason Symbol

As the Freemason fraternity developed, the core teaching accumulated various concepts from different esoteric sources. The Square and Compasses symbol is of particular interest as it can be viewed as two open triangles, of the Hindu type, that are overlapping.

There are various form of the Square and Compasses symbol but invariably the Square is under the Compasses. Following on from the Hindu chakras concept it seems that the fixed shape, and therefore 'passive' Square, is always beneath the more 'flexible' and active Compasses. This has fairly obvious sexual connotations, but more importantly it seems to be consistent with the Hindu concept of masculine and feminine energies interacting.

Freemason symbol

Shield of David

My last observation is that the six-pointed star shape, now an internationally recognised symbol of the nation of Israel, is in the form of 2 merged equilateral triangles. The resulting 'Star of David' is of the same form as the Hindu concept of 2 chakra groups, one masculine and the other feminine, but in this instance they are in balance and fully integrated. Although there is some mystical belief associated with the six-pointed Star of David, the Magen David as it is known today, is widely recognised as the national symbol of the Nation of Israel.

Shield of David balance

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